Chun Li Beginners Guide for Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition

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Yomios ssf4 notes beta

Yomios notes webapp for ssf4 ae is now in beta.

If you come across any problems, comment here with the problem AND the browser you are using.

Pokeyomi Scoreboard

Ahoi all,

So after seeing all the hype for the pokeyomi format, here is a scoreboard to keep tallies on teams and records.

Pokeyomi rules:

  • Team format
  • Each player chooses (10 / number of players per team) characters
  • No repeat picks per team
  • Bo3 Round Robin, switching characters every match
Team Wins  Losses
Team Awesomeness 18  9
World’s Greatest
Yomi Team
9  18
Individual Stats Team Wins Losses
Kai- Team Awesomeness 7 2
DeevGrape Team Awesomeness 6 3
Bob199 Team Awesomeness 5 4
rodohk World’s Greatest Yomi Team 4 5
deluks917 World’s Greatest Yomi Team 3 6
tipntrix World’s Greatest Yomi Team 2 7

Beginners Guide to Your First Tournament


After spending a couple days in Tokyo practicing AE, and then playing in the Indonesian Fighting Game Championship(Props to Advance Guard for hosting such an awesome fighting game tournament), I’ve learned a bunch of new things and much of the experience from MtG tournaments came back to me.

  • Murphy’s Law is your Biggest Opponent:  Don’t think your arcade stick will break?   It will.  Hoping to get an easy bracket?  You won’t, enjoy playing pros round two.   80% of the battle is played in the game, the other 20% is not letting Murphy’s Law distract you from winning.

    Darth Vader is Broken Tier

    Think Darth Vader will obey the rules, well……

  • CAN YOU HEAR THE HYPE?!?!?!:  For a lot of players, their gaming atmosphere is often sitting at home playing SSF4/KoFXIII/etc online or hanging out with some friends.  Usually relatively quiet with maybe some music in the background or your friends having a conversation on how your character is cheap.  Now think of how loud the last concert/sporting event/etc you went to was and imagine that noise right behind you while you’re playing.
  • Your opponent isn’t psychic, you just hit buttons like a game of Wack a Mole:   If you’re going to be playing side by side, your opponent will be able to see your hands moving as well as hear your buttons.  This may not seem like much, but if your opponent hears/sees you button mashing after getting knocked down, they have a good idea what you’re trying to do.
  • Don’t let downtime knock you down and out:  Most online warriors are spoiled these days.  When they want to play a match, they have their next match at their fingertips, one right after another.  Real tournaments don’t work that efficiently despite how much work the tournament organizers put in.   People go get food/take a piss break/just leave without telling anybody/etc, and these will add time to each round.  Having to keep alternating between peak performance and resting is taxing and adds up quickly during a long event.
  • Outside of a match, everybody is really cool:  The only time that is taken seriously at a tournament is during a match, besides that everybody is there to learn how to get better, meet other players and most of all, have a good time.
    I flew into Jakarta for the Indonesia Fighting Game Championships not knowing anybody and ended up having one of the best weekends of my life.  I got to hang out with Zhi and Xian, got to know a bunch of Indonesian players and learned a lot about Indonesia in the process (Btw, their food is god tier).
  • Brain Food doesn’t come from a vending machine:  Eating Doritos and chugging Mountain Dew may be your go to food during an all nighter, but during a tournament, you need to be at your best.  Eat, sleep well and drink lots of water to keep hydrated.

If you have any other words of wisdom for beginners, post them in the comments.

International Street Fighter Arcade Edition Community List

Street Fighter 4 ae map

After looking far and wide for a comprehensive Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition list of international communities, and finding nothing, here is a list to help level up your game on your next vacation.  As this is an international list, not every site will be in English, so remember your dictionaries/google translate and learn a new langauge while you’re at it.

USA: Shoryuken, EventHubs

Canada: Canada Cup

Japan: List of arcades in Tokyo

Australia: OzHadou, ShadowLogic

New Zealand: NZism, StandingFierce

Singapore: Round1

Indonesia: IndotekkenAdvance Guard

Taiwan: Twfighter

Brunei: Counter Attack

Hong Kong: HKfighter

China: 17utt

South Korea: SpiritZERO, CafeID

Thailand: Street Fighter Thailand

Malaysia: Malaysia FGC

Vietnam: VGN-Fighters

EU: Versus-ISM

Italy: Arcade Extreme

Netherlands: DutchNoobz

Germany: Hardedge

United Kingdom: Fighting Games UK

France: Street Fighter France,HitCombo, Versus Fighting TV

Spain: Arcadia Fighters

Baltics: Baltic FGC

Czech Republic:  Czech Arcade

Brazil: Treta Championship

Kuwait: White Tower Q8

If you don’t see your Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition community listed, let me know so I can add them.

Capcom-Unity Finals Predictions


So the last big Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition tournament of the year starts in a few hours, pairings are up here.  Shoryuken has a fantasy league set up that’s currently in beta, it can only get better from here.

My predictions for #capcom-unity (brackets for fantasy league)

Tokido beats Daigo 2-1
Infiltration beats Fuudo 2-0
Gamerbee beats Momochi 2-1
Dieminion beats Mago 2-0
Tokido beats Infiltration 2-0
Gamerbee beats Fuudo 2-1
Daigo beats Dieminion 2-0
Daigo beats Gamerbee 2-1
Infilitration beats Daigo in losers finals 2-1
Tokido beats Infiltration in the finals 3-1

Observations to come as I watch the capcom-unity super street fighter Arcade Edition finals.