Magic the Gathering Beginners Guide


Building blocks to tournament level Magic the Gathering play.

  1. Know your Metagame:  As I’ve said before, metagaming plays a large part of MtG.  Having a rock to smash a field of scissors is an awesome feeling.  That five card combo pet deck of yours may be fun but is it a good choice against the field you expect to see?  If not, changing decks is probably a good idea.  This lead me to point 2. Continue reading

Metagaming – Rock Beats Scissors, Always


Metagaming: The art of picking the best option in a field when everyone who wants to win is doing exactly the same thing.

Becoming good at metagaming makes the difference between going 7-0 at a ssf4 ae/yomi/mtg tournament and 0-2 dropping. Continue reading

Burn Out – How to Keep from Becoming Extinguished

Burn Out - ZangiefAn article that isn’t a Yomi tournament report, that’s a first.  Time to start posting on how to improve your game.

You know that feeling you get when no matter how hard you want something, impediments keep getting in the way and add to the frustration?  That’s where I was at trying to get into top 10 on the yomi leaderboard with Val as well as with SSF4 ae in general.  A week full of Sets/Jaina make any bad draws by Val into bad games and that any loss negates 2+ wins, makes it much more difficult to keep any gains more than a few games.

In SSF4 ae, playing against Ryu so much as Juri makes winning a difficult chore.  His better fireball, dp and more efficient damage output are all challenging to overcome.

So, how do I keep from raging and hulk smashing screens when winning just isn’t happening? Continue reading