Pandante, Panda Gambling Kickstarter – 30 hrs left

Never thought gambling with pandas would look so much fun.

“When I saw how the Pandas gambled, I had to bring it over and share it with all of you. Everything about it is familiar, yet different. The cards are oversized to fit their paws. It’s sort of like Texas Hold ‘Em poker, but you don’t have to know anything about that to play it. The whole game centers around constantly lying, which makes it a lot of fun. While they have a way of playing it for real money, they also have a way that makes for a great social or family game for 2 – 6 players.”

  • No player elimination
  • You don’t have to fold all the time, like you do in Human Poker
  • A few special abilities really spice it up
  • A gold fairy gives you money if you really need it, but then you have to frolic with the fairy for a while.
  • It’s actually fun to play for its own sake, when no real money is on the line. The Pandas are laughing and joking the whole way through!
  • You can also play it with real money…if you’re Panda enough!



Super Yomi Relaunch Tournament Results

Congrats to friiik for winning the first tournament of the new UI!  Stream of the tournament

Top 4 Character Choices:

friiik – Geiger/Ven/Val
Vivafringe – Midori
Waterd103 – Geiger/Lum
Hooves – Gwen

The Slump – How to Quit Feeding the Big Fish


Well, I can officially say that I’m in a yomi tournament slump.   1-3 in the yomi team draft tournament, losses in the final CrystalChaos weekly tournaments, ditto the Yomi Tournament for Science and Literacy, and every one of deluks’ qualifiers so far.
In total, 0 tournament wins since May.   This has thankfully given me inspiration to write about how to beat one of the most frustrating aspects of gaming, the slump.
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Yomi Tournament for Science and Literacy! – 8/4

First yomi tournament in two weeks happens to be one where I can win deluks’ money, sign me up.  But there’s one catch, 2am start time in 台灣 ftw.  Somehow I wake up @ 2am, thank you cell phone alarm that disrupted my sleep and the typhoon continuing the noise after the alarm dies.  Different format than usual, Bo7, Fast timer, character lock for the match.  With bonus’ for playing Midori/Lum, Jaina’s going to be ptw.
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