International Street Fighter Arcade Edition Community List

Street Fighter 4 ae map

After looking far and wide for a comprehensive Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition list of international communities, and finding nothing, here is a list to help level up your game on your next vacation.  As this is an international list, not every site will be in English, so remember your dictionaries/google translate and learn a new langauge while you’re at it.

USA: Shoryuken, EventHubs

Canada: Canada Cup

Japan: List of arcades in Tokyo

Australia: OzHadou, ShadowLogic

New Zealand: NZism, StandingFierce

Singapore: Round1

Indonesia: IndotekkenAdvance Guard

Taiwan: Twfighter

Brunei: Counter Attack

Hong Kong: HKfighter

China: 17utt

South Korea: SpiritZERO, CafeID

Thailand: Street Fighter Thailand

Malaysia: Malaysia FGC

Vietnam: VGN-Fighters

EU: Versus-ISM

Italy: Arcade Extreme

Netherlands: DutchNoobz

Germany: Hardedge

United Kingdom: Fighting Games UK

France: Street Fighter France,HitCombo, Versus Fighting TV

Spain: Arcadia Fighters

Baltics: Baltic FGC

Czech Republic:  Czech Arcade

Brazil: Treta Championship

Kuwait: White Tower Q8

If you don’t see your Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition community listed, let me know so I can add them.