Super Yomi Relaunch Tournament Results

Congrats to friiik for winning the first tournament of the new UI!  Stream of the tournament

Top 4 Character Choices:

friiik – Geiger/Ven/Val
Vivafringe – Midori
Waterd103 – Geiger/Lum
Hooves – Gwen


Yomi/Super Street Fighter 4 ae Weekend Tournament Preview 8/25-8/26

Your weekend Yomi Tournament and SSF4 Ae Tournament updates.

Yomi SSF4 AE Tournament Updates

  • This weekend’s Yomi Tournament – None.
  • Yomi Round Robin Team Draft standings after round 1:
    Chokeanya 1-0, DRB 1-0, Casual Hype 0-1, Val First Pick 0-1, Bust-a-cap-n-yo-shizzle 0-0
  • This weekend’s major Street Fighter Tournament – Capcom-Unity: Taipei
  • Predicting Infiltration beats Gamerbee in the finals.

Unfortunately I won’t be playing in the main event as I didn’t know about the qualifying tournaments until the day of the last one.  So, I’ll have a write up on Taipei up next week instead.