Fighting Game Guides

A series of articles to help beginners step into advanced play quickly and smoothing common hurdles.

Beginners Guide to your First Tournament

Metagaming – Rock Beats Scissors, Always

Burn Out – How to Keep from Becoming Extinguished

The Slump –  Quit Feeding the Big Fish

Footsies Handbook – The beginners guide from sonichurricane on footsies

Patience – Know Your Role and Shut Your Damn Mouth

Joystick Restrictor Plates – The Joys of 4 and 8 faces

Game Specific Beginner Guides:

Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition


Magic the Gathering

Other Resources:

Playing to Win – The primer to the mindset of a competitive gamer

The Shoryuken Dojo – Even more competitive gaming fundamentals

How to become an expert at anything

Sonichurricane – Fundamentals, fundamentals and more fundamentals for Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition

Shoryuken – If you play fighting games, here is everything you could ever want

Bakadesuyou –  Psychology hacks to get better at everything including pro gaming.

Yomi streams by Volcanya, Aphotix and Mad King



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