Here are resources to help players get better at gaming and esports.  You’ll find a lot on Yomi and SSF4 AE.  I’ll also be talking Gaming Fundamentals using these and other games: MtG, SC, Dota, etc.


SSF4 Ae  –  Main: Adon,  Competent: Sakura/Blanka/Akuma/Makoto/Juri
Yomi – Everybody
KoF XIII – King/Hwa/Benimaru
Guilty Gear AC+ – Ky, Millia
Starcraft  – Zerg
Dota – Support/Jungler,  (Cm, Venge, Wd, Naix, Axe, etc)
Magic the Gathering – Storm combos, RDW, Pox
Gang Garrison – Flamethrower/Engineer/whatever is needed


Your Thoughts

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