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One comment on “blanka guide has moved

  1. kwanrolled says:

    Just saw some things I’d like to comment on…

    “Blanka has a very good okizeme game(wake up)”

    Eh, I wouldn’t say very good but better than average I suppose. It gets a less more effective when you fight more seasoned players because you can actually react to a lot Blanka’s mixups whereas you can’t react to Seth’s dps -> FADC, command grabs, or instant overheads for example. His frame traps don’t lead to very damaging combos either.

    “Blanka has 950 stamina meaning he gets stunned easier than most characters.”
    Blanka has 1000 stamina and 950 stun. “Stamina” in this game refers to health, so perhaps that should be reworded to avoid confusion.

    Lastly, fierce Blanka ball knocks down when it hits on the first few active frames, not necessarily if it’s in a combo. You combo into it at max distance and it won’t knockdown. Similarly you can use it at point blank not in a combo and it will knockdown.

    Good luck on your Blanka journey!

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