Pokeyomi Scoreboard

Ahoi all,

So after seeing all the hype for the pokeyomi format, here is a scoreboard to keep tallies on teams and records.

Pokeyomi rules:

  • Team format
  • Each player chooses (10 / number of players per team) characters
  • No repeat picks per team
  • Bo3 Round Robin, switching characters every match
Team Wins  Losses
Team Awesomeness 18  9
World’s Greatest
Yomi Team
9  18
Individual Stats Team Wins Losses
Kai- Team Awesomeness 7 2
DeevGrape Team Awesomeness 6 3
Bob199 Team Awesomeness 5 4
rodohk World’s Greatest Yomi Team 4 5
deluks917 World’s Greatest Yomi Team 3 6
tipntrix World’s Greatest Yomi Team 2 7

One comment on “Pokeyomi Scoreboard

  1. Anthony Deluca says:

    You should say in this Grave was removed for being least fun guy (since we needed to get to 9).

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