Guilty Gear XX from a Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition Player’s Perspective


With news of Guilty Gear Accent Core getting an update as well as the need for a break from Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition, I recall fond memories of playing Milia Rage  long ago and decided to dl it.  The transition between SSF4 ae and GGxx Ac was rather simple, having played before but getting used to bursts and the different types of blocking is a bit of a pain.

On to the SSF4 AE player to GGxx AC player observations:

  • Airdashing everywhere makes Oni seem out of place in Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition
  • GGxx AC Feels much faster paced than SSF4 ae
  • Lack of players with playable connections on XBL means long wait times between games.
  • With much longer combos, button mashing is much more productive than in SSF4 ae
  • Milia Rage reminds me of a cross between Viper/Ibuki.  As such, I’ve been looking to other characters for a feel like Adon’s.
  • Faust reminds me of how fun fighting games can be.
  • I also see a lot of Yomis influence from Guilty Gear.

To improve your skill at fighting games (SSF4 ae, GGxx AC, KoF XIII, etc) take a look here

If I really get back into playing Guilty Gear Accent Core, you can expect to see more articles and maybe even a guide or two.


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