Yomi Anecdotal Observations aka I’ve been Playing for way too Long

Yomi Observations


So after looking at my profile and realizing I’ve put in more than 500 hours into Yomi, I’ve seen a lot of tendencies.  Whether or not there are actual reasons for them, here are a bunch of unscientific observations I’ve made and maybe they can help everybody else:

  • If we’ve been playing for a few turns, playing cards face down at a steady pace and all of a sudden you play a card immediately after drawing it, it’s one of three things:
    1)  A Joker that’s going to be wasted trying to gold burst.
    2) An Ace/High damage attack.
    3) Whatever type of card you have been missing for the last few turns, likely a throw.
    Guess what wins against every one of these save for throws, Dodging/Blocking.  At very best, you’re converting one of your best cards (Joker/Ace/etc) into card advantage for your opponent, which is horrible and at worst, you’re freely telling your opponent, dodge to win the game.   Even if they throw, unless it wins the game outright or sets up a checkmate, any good player will persevere.
  • Grapplers tend to K spam if they have multiples.  Same goes for Valerie players with Aces and Grave players with Q’s
  • If both players have done the same move for two turns in a row, more often than not, one if not both will change it up on the third try.
  • Using Knowing the Opponent with a Joker more often than not throws everybodys game off.
  • The first facedown card I encounter is most often a bluff.
  • Jaina players often start with either a 10 to get smoldering embers into the discard pile asap or a charged shot to punish people who think that they are going to play a 1o
  • Chip damage adds up fast, especially late game.  Playing with Grave lately, I’m averaging about 12 pts of damage between J’s/Q’s/A’s, or the equivlent of landing an Ace for free.
  • To be continued….

For more yomi strategy (cross ups, tips, etc) take a look at the yomi guides.

Add your observations below so we can all get better at Yomi.


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