Capcom-Unity Finals Predictions


So the last big Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition tournament of the year starts in a few hours, pairings are up here.  Shoryuken has a fantasy league set up that’s currently in beta, it can only get better from here.

My predictions for #capcom-unity (brackets for fantasy league)

Tokido beats Daigo 2-1
Infiltration beats Fuudo 2-0
Gamerbee beats Momochi 2-1
Dieminion beats Mago 2-0
Tokido beats Infiltration 2-0
Gamerbee beats Fuudo 2-1
Daigo beats Dieminion 2-0
Daigo beats Gamerbee 2-1
Infilitration beats Daigo in losers finals 2-1
Tokido beats Infiltration in the finals 3-1

Observations to come as I watch the capcom-unity super street fighter Arcade Edition finals.


Your Thoughts

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