Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition – Today’s Lessons

Adon is disappointedAhoi,

Finally got my Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition Adon rank back up to B after a lesson in patience.
Since then I have squandered 500 bp.   A few lessons from the free fall:

  • Lk Jaguar Kicks can hop over Rose’s drill
  • Circular restrictor plate makes Ult 1 much easier to use, too easy in fact.  I now have to keep a steady hand to do rising jaguars lest I accidentally wiff an ult.
  • Akuma is such a frustrating match up for Adon
  • Neutral jump is one of Adon’s best friends and worst enemies.
  • Adon mirror matches are often who can wiff the least amount of Jaguar Tooth’s
  • Don’t try anything slow against the shoto c.Mk option select and the matchup becomes so much better.

Working on a new Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition beginners guide.  Take a guess who it could be.


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