Patience – Know Your Role and Shut Your Damn Mouth


Just finished watching the ssf4 ae finals of the capcom-unity tournament where we see metagaming play a part in Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition and I relearned something that is improving my gameplay dramatically, patience.

“But it’s a fighting game, I can’t win unless I bring my opponent has 0 health.”

That’s one way to look at it, but the bigger picture is that whomever has the most health at the end of the match wins regardless if it’s 500-0 or 1000-999, the most health wins.  Hence how the people still awake at the end of an SFxT match can call it a win.

When you’re up on health, you don’t have to do anything except not lose health, the onus is on your opponent to take the lead by trying to hit you.  Ss long as you know your role as target and can out yomi your opponent, you win.

When your role is needing to hit your opponent, patience is also a huge factor.  If you hit for only a little bit, your opponent only needs to do a little more to put you back into this situation, hence the need to do as much damage as possible when you have an opening is crucial.

On to one of the best ssf4 ae examples of patience I’ve ever watched, Snake Eyez vs Justin Wong

The first two games, Justin Wong chose Adon, as he did the prior round against Vangief hoping to continue using Adon’s superior footsies game to take it.  Snake Eyez plays a more defensive style Zangief that completely negated Jwong’s Adon.

After going 0-2, Justin goes back to his main, Rufus to change the course of the match.  The change in style by Jwong starts letting him open up Snake Eyez’ Zangief.  After having the brackets reset against him, Snake Eyez switches to ult 2 to limit Jwong’s Rufus’ air game.

Snake Eyez wins this match against Justin Wong in the Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition finals for the same reason Justin won the match prior to get into the finals, taking his time and metagaming correctly.


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