Makoto Beginners Guide for Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition

Makoto super street fighter 4 ae beginner's guide


In Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition, Makoto is a very dangerous rushdown character that requires a different playstyle than most of the rest of the cast. A useful intro into the mindset of how Makoto plays.   I’m compiling all of the resources that I have learned how to use Makoto from as a way to help beginners quickly and effectively pick up Makoto.

For anybody just starting out with Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition, read this first.

Start Here –  Option Select’s Intro to Makoto

The shoryuken forums on Makoto– with information/clarification on everything you could be wondering/not covered by the video above.

For advanced SSF4 ae players– The Rindoken Bible, a 28 page .pdf with details on everything Makoto does.

Character specific tips for Makoto players

High level players: Haitani, Shiro,

List of optimized combos for Makoto (Work in Progress)

Advanced Makoto Tips Playlist:

A few words of wisdom:

  • Makoto walks like a turtle, thus needing higher apm than most characters to move around.  Your main options for moving are dashes, hayate and tsurugi.
  • To get the most out of Makoto, you will need to develop good yomi (ability to read the opponent) and oki(wake up game) skills
  • Her medium punches can shut down a lot of attacks and should be the goto poke.
  • U1 is much easier to combo into but lacks mobility.
    U2 gives Makoto a degree of mobility that she usually lacks and is quite fast.

If you have any other tips/words of wisdom for anybody else learning Makoto in Super Street Fighter arcade edition or any questions, help everybody else out by leaving a comment below.


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