Juri Beginners Guide for Super Street Fighter 4 Ae

Beginner's guide to juri super street fighter 4 ae


In Super Street Fighter 4 Ae, Juri’s trickiness and multifaceted game make her an interesting choice.   I’m compiling all of the resources that I have learned how to use Juri from as a way to help beginners quickly and effectively pick up Juri.

For anybody just starting out with Super Street Fighter 4 Ae, read this first.

Start Here –

  1. The Option Select intro to Juri in ssf4 ae.
  2. Execution tips for Juri.
  3. Juri combos.
  4. Simple ways to set up U2 for Juri.
  5. Fuhajin (spinkick) tricks.   (Videos after this point are for advanced Juri tips)
  6. Juri Resets.
  7. Mix up options.
  8. Fuzzy guard tricks.
  9. Counter hit Sekku’s pt1.
  10. Counter hit Sekku’s pt2.
  11. Advanced Juri Tech.

The shoryuken forums on Juri – with information/clarification on everything you could be wondering/not covered by the video above.

For advanced players – An advanced guide with everything you could possibly want to know about Juri

Even more advanced Juri goodies (unblockables, safe jumps, fuzzies, etc)

Character specific tips for Juri players

Pro player Juicebox with high level Juri play to learn from

Juri words of wisdom:

  • Back jump is one of the best opens for her as you can punish almost every offensive open with a Shikusen and safe at very worst.  For matchups where you need to be offensive, go with a neutral jump.
  • As with Adon, don’t rely on your air kick, it’s too easy to punish.
  • Senpusha is as easy to punish as Shikusen, keep this in mind
  • c MK is the poke of choice most of the time
  • If you’re just starting out, U2 is much easier to use and set up.  U1 is better at higher levels as it gives Juri a lot more options.

If you have any other tips/words of wisdom for anybody else learning Juri in Super Street Fighter arcade edition or any questions, help everybody else out by leaving a comment below.


2 comments on “Juri Beginners Guide for Super Street Fighter 4 Ae

  1. Friendly Man says:

    Thanks! I’m just starting and this was extremely informative.

  2. Khinhazzard says:

    I suggest posting videos of some of the Best Matches performed using Juri..

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