The Slump – How to Quit Feeding the Big Fish


Well, I can officially say that I’m in a yomi tournament slump.   1-3 in the yomi team draft tournament, losses in the final CrystalChaos weekly tournaments, ditto the Yomi Tournament for Science and Literacy, and every one of deluks’ qualifiers so far.
In total, 0 tournament wins since May.   This has thankfully given me inspiration to write about how to beat one of the most frustrating aspects of gaming, the slump.

A slump can best be thought of as prolonged underperformance;  not winning games you should in esports, not scoring when you should in a sport, weak performances etc.

Slumps don’t just happen out of nowhere:

  • Fish Outside of Water are Tasty –  If you want to feed other players, there’s no better way than playing outside your environment.  New levels, characters, patches, formats, etc, all require some time to adjust to and can throw you off initially.  The formats of recent yomi tournaments have been a lot different than the Bo3, double elim of CC’s weeklys,  most notably, the return of single elimination.   Single elimination is less forgiving than double elimination.  It’s lack of loser’s bracket means you need to have your game face on round 1 or you’re out and this has cost me a few of the last tournaments.
  • Wanting to Fly Without Wings –  Wanting to do something and gaining what you need to do something are two completely different actions.   Wanting to win tournaments in esports and pro gaming is nothing compared to the practicing, watching video, playtesting needed to win tournaments.
  • We Require Additional Resources –  The brain takes a lot of energy and rest to maintain peak performance.  Lacking either of these will be like playing Zerg without vespene gas, a carry in DotA with no items, combo in MtG without card drawing – subpar choices that will feed the big fish. 1am start times for many of the last yomi tournaments have resulted in playing at less than optimal ability and it showed in my play, the ending of game 5 yesterday being a prime example.
  • Don’t get Fried  – A slump that isn’t dealt with or taken too seriously can lead to burn out

As for how to get out of a slump, the burn out tips will help but because a slump happens when gaming seriously, it needs to be corrected as such.  Watch replays and have better players critique your play, unabated mistakes will keep you feeding everyone else.  After finding what needs to be corrected, start practicing.

Does anybody else have any advice for getting out of a tournament slump?


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