KoF XIII from a Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition Player’s Perspective


After building my fighting game skillset with SSF4 ae for the last year and looking for new insights, I finally decided to expand my game repertoire with KoF XIII after all the Evo2012 hype I watched.  Two days in, I can say I’m enjoying playing the game as much as watching it.

So, what characters to pick up?

Hey! A muay thai fighter with flip kicks and a flying knee attack, I’ve never done this before…

adon laughing

As such, Hwa was a natural transition.  But as for the other two…..  One of the interesting differences about KoF XIII is that a player needs to be proficient with multiple characters as a necessity unlike SSF4 Ae’s almost mono character culture.   King’s fitting my playstyle really well as a point character.  Anchor’s still up in the air, currently Shin is being tested out.

On to the SSF4 AE player to  KoF XIII player observations:

  • Everyone seems like Viper in that hyperjumping/short hopping  is something that everyone has
  • Hwa plays like Adon would if he were a combo character
  • Feels faster paced than AE
  • Lack of players with playable connections on XBL means long wait times between games
  • Seems more button mash friendly than SSF4 Ae
  • Don’t get stuck in the corner, ever.  You will lose.  The vast majority of the cast can do 50+%  hp combos

To improve your skill at fighting games (SSF4 ae, GGxx AC, KoF XIII, etc) take a look here

I shoul start posting about KoF XIII on the site as well.


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