Yomi Tournament for Science and Literacy! – 8/4

First yomi tournament in two weeks happens to be one where I can win deluks’ money, sign me up.  But there’s one catch, 2am start time in 台灣 ftw.  Somehow I wake up @ 2am, thank you cell phone alarm that disrupted my sleep and the typhoon continuing the noise after the alarm dies.  Different format than usual, Bo7, Fast timer, character lock for the match.  With bonus’ for playing Midori/Lum, Jaina’s going to be ptw.

Round 1 – jengajam(Jaina) 4-3
Apparently jengajam thinks the same way I do and chose Jaina as well.  Get off to a 3-0 start only to drop the next three and finally close it out in a tight game 7.  Losses on both sides came from the golden rule of mirror matches, he who draws the most business cards, wins.

Round 2 – the-cap(Geiger)4-2
Another Jaina favored mu!  Not quite as imba as Jaina vs Jaina but it works.

G1 & G2 go by fast and are split. Big combos and big damage can do that.

G3- Opening hand with 3 smoldering embers means I shouldn’t see a dodge this game.  Two dodges in the first 7 turns, one punished, one not, means I get massive hp/hand advantage and take it easily.

G4 & G5 get split as well.  Finally see my first unstable powers of the match, in a game where I don’t have the hp to use them.

G6- Get the unstables again, hit a cross up for an early life lead and lock down with UP tricks.

Round 3 – Morn(Lum)1-4
Been a long time since we’ve played against each other.  The last few matches against Morn’s random haven’t gone well but he declared that he would use Lum the whole tourney.  Well, the general consensus is that Arg’s a solid counterpick.  So Argagarg, I choose You!

G1- The reason Arg is deemed to be favored is that Lum can’t kd without losing his face cards and that Poker Flourish can be countered.  These would both matter if Lum’s face cards weren’t faster than Arg’s and actually drawing Crash and Flow.  We both get to half life then speed of the panda takes over the rest of the game.

G2- Interesting Lum fact of the day:  Lum’s throws are 6,8,9,10.  Meaning he can eval throw rather easily with the 6 and his speed or would be able to if they didn’t get poked/RtD’d.  After three of them were taken care of, the 7’s I was holding on to became trump throws and went 3 for 3 on winning combats.

G3, G4 & G5 – I get outsped and outplayed.  As the match draws on, he keeps adapting to anything I try, eventually going dodge heavy G5 and the slippery one can’t handle it.

Can officially say that Arg is nowhere near as good as people say he is against Lum and wished I stayed with Jaina.  Guess I’ll have to redeem myself at the International Yomi Tournament this weekend.


2 comments on “Yomi Tournament for Science and Literacy! – 8/4

  1. Deluks917 says:

    I really wish I could have seen your match against Morn 😦

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