SBO Top 4 Predictions

SSF4 ae tournament - sbo

To start the SBO ssf4 ae predictions off, here are the top 4 teams.  3/4 of the teams were ones I predicted would make it into top 4,  Kuroken/Y./Kawaguuchi being the exception.

Uryo (Sakura), Momochi (Cody), Haitani (Makoto)
GamerBee (Adon), RB (Guy), Hsien Chang (Yun)
Fuudo (Fei Long), Kazunoko (Yun), Bonchan (Sagat)
Kuroken (Dudley), Y. (Cammy), Kawaguuchi (Rose)

I predict that Fuudo (Fei Long), Kazunoko (Yun), Bonchan (Sagat) will beat Kuroken (Dudley), Y. (Cammy), Kawaguuchi (Rose) in the finals.

The only repeat character being Mr Nerfed himself, Yun proves that with skill and experience, almost any character in this game is good.


Your Thoughts

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