Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition- Today’s Teachings

ssf4 ae adon

An adequate ranking for the number of wins I had today.


After getting bodied by A or higher ranked players all day in Super Street Fighter 4 ae, here are the things that I learned as an Adon player:

  • Gen’s upkick can have a hangtime of  2 seconds on wiff
  • Akuma can use fireballs as a frametrap into raging demon
  • Zangief’s spins can be punished by air jaguar kicks
  • Adon has an unreliable kara throw (Throw + hk)
  • Chun Li at 3/4 screen can punish any move you throw at her
  • Jaguar Tooth feints are punishable by Cammy’s/Seth’s/Fei Long’s ult 1
  • Shoto crouching Mk option selects are annoying

Will have results and observations on the capcom-unity SSF4 ae top 8 tomorrow.


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