Yomi/Super Street Fighter 4 Ae Weekend Tournament Preview 7/25


Happy Humpday All.  Hier are the things I’ve found interesting since last week:

  • New Calendar up with the next scheduled yomi tourney and search function added.  More things to come.
  • Just started playing Race for the Galaxy.  Takes some getting used to all of the symbols but finding it rather fun and it can be played online for free!
  • Currently, no yomi tournament scheduled for this weekend.  Which would make it the first weekend in ages without one.  More Hype for Deluks’ Yomi Tourney for Science and Literacy
  • An International Yomi Tournament is in the works, sign ups open until this Sunday or if enough players sign up beforehand.
  • The nerf to Perse’s MC is noticable but still managed to eat a Joker/Blowfish Spikes with it and used it to checkmate someone else in another game.  The ByS change is nice as it lets her set up some nasty tempo/eval games against small handed opponents/MC’d opponents.  Would like to see my variant in action.

Now off to try to beat some good players at SSF4 AE, Peace.


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