Yomi Expansion Tournament 7/14

Today’s yomi expansion tournament means seeing a bunch of new MU’s in action and the new rules being implemented (Normal atks draw off of hit/on block, hand cap of 12). I played Persephone, wanting to try out the buffs  (higher throw dmg/J has kd) and see how much they improved her gameplay.  Memo to self for further expo play, get more familiar with character speeds, Menelker is rather fast.

Round 1 – Scarbo(Menelker) 0-2
Menelker is designed to be the PtW guy like Akuma in that he has abilities that nobody else has, high end dmg output and low health.  His innate makes opponents discard off of black face card hits and he can power up for faces as well as A’s.

G1- My first taste of playing against Mr PTW Menelker, didn’t go so well.  He draws three Bonecrackers to snipe the best options out of my hand, hits with four black faces to further limit my options.  I’m able to land some Kd’s and equalize life totals but late game lose out to Menelker’s faster face cards and AA.

G2- He manages to maintain Q pressure which puts me in the hole early.  This leads to me being stuck with a hand full of faces staring back at me and a 3 which I dodged with…. or would had if it didn’t get sniped away by a Bonecracker.  Q beats continue and win the game all by themselves.

Round 2 – CrystalChaos(Zane) 0-2
Zane’s  design is to be chaotic.  .3 speed, no odd blocks, crossup 5, lots of Kd’s and Crashbomb all lead to situations that one would never see against the base 10 characters.  Interestingly enough, CC played a slower Zane that focused on drawing into Maximum Anarchy, which btw dealt 100 dmg to me in the two games.

G1- I draw like a grappler, seeing 2/3 of my cards as throws is rarely good, even less so against Zane’s aggro.  In retrospect, I feared his throws too much and he abused this by gaining massive hand advantage via blocking, oh the irony.  Lose to Maximum Anarchy #1 of the day.

G2- This game I go more aggro and land a few throws only to run out of them.  Eat a few crashbombs then some Maximum Anarchy to wash it down.  Get thrown a few turns later ftl.

Round 3 – Daemonym(Jaina) 1-0
First B10 Mu of the day, against the character that can be most punished by Perse, lets see how it goes.

G1- Land a turn 3 mind control which lets me eat AAQ, land a power lash into Kd and things only get worse for Dae.  Play a Bare your Soul that happens to be against a deck that didn’t want to draw any hearts.  This means I’m playing with map hack on for the rest of the game and  win 90% of combats thereafter.  Draw the rest of my J’s, 2/3 on hits and eventually land another MC into why it can be so devestating against Jaina.  He was holding 2 Unstable Powers which cost 10 health to use, I was holding 2 Do as Told which can deal 10 dmg each, making your opponent take 40 outside of combat is some good.
“Perse is the most unfun thing I’ve ever had happen to me”

Bonus Expansion Observations:

  • Quince/BBB take a long time to play in rulesless but the hypest yomi game in a long time was with Quince.  General consensus is that he’s fun to play.
  • Perse’s power lash plays a lot like Chrome Orb. Both are solid dmg cantrip pokes.
  • On MC – Conceptually, I have no problems with it especially considering it still requires combat to activate unlike Poker Flourish.
  • The expansion feels a lot more like MtG than Yomi with all of the major new abilites:  MC(Mindslaver), Overdose(Burn), Range(Landstill), Menelker’s innate(Pox), Two Truths(Fact or Fiction)

Your Thoughts

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