Yomi Tournament 5/1

Today was the weekly Yomi tournament(thx CrystalChaos for keeping these going).  Missed the last couple due to time change and being sick,  so I felt well rested for this one.  9 players were there, need to get more players somehow…..
Decided to PtW this week and not use Val.  Lum/DeG being free meant bad Mu’s were more likely and having a consistent character is always a good choice.

Round 1 – Aliens From Mars(Midori/Valerie) 2-0
G1- Few throws from Midori means I can get card advantage fast, faster attacks means poking through his attacks.  A few solid hits from him brings the game closer but innate + speed win it.

G2- He switches hoping to change his fortunes.  Switching into a character you’re not familiar with, bad idea; switching into a character the other player mains,  even worse idea.  Pumped Q open tells me everything I need to know, so I play for card advantage and a constant 8+ dmg is too much.

Round 2 – Kawaiiness(Valerie, who else would he be =b) 2-0
Kawaii and I are stylisticly clones, aggro ftw and matches end up feeling like how do I defeat myself.  Thought about doing mirror for old times sake but as mirrors go, luck is more important than play.

G1- Back and forth pokings, I land a needles for 1/4 his health, he comboes for 33, I get in for the rest of it.

G2- MK opening gets blocked, his recovery blocks gets thrown, and an early card advantage lead means playing against a lowhand Valerie.  She is not scary at 5 cards and Argagarg’s fast atks with 10 backup get through anything that comes my way.

Round 3 – deluks917(Grave) 2-1
deluks plays a solid Setsuki/Grave , both of whom do well against Valerie and unfortunately Argagarg.  Means take a bad mu or switch.  So I go to the imbanda to A) have a better mu against both and if he picks Grave, to prove which character deserves top spot.

G1- J open by him keeps me from starting the panda card drawing machine.  A few turns of that until I draw an answer.  Just as quick as I use my answer, it gets lost due to RtD hitting more faces >.<  Start poking back with what faces I do draw to get a life lead and eventually victory.

G2- He learns from game one and we both start the drawing machines.  Eventually we get to 12+ cards each each and I get snakebit by thinking too much of his Q/possible Tpos.  4 throws later, -2 hp.

G3- Much like game two, lots of blocking on both sides.  I get some throws in to force a change in pace and have face cards to back it up.  Later he tells me this isn’t a Mu that he’s fond of, this comes to play later.

Round 4 – Targie(Argie) 1-2
I don’t think we’ve played before but after this match, reminded me of playing Blinky, both players knowing how to use Argagarg to his potential.  I continue with Lum seeing if I can continue to prove him being top despite playing against his worst mu.

G1- Lots of blocking by both of us.  Blackjacks let me get dmg in an otherwise defensive battle and can get the rest in via atks.

G2- More blocking, more throwing, less and less hp.  Doesn’t end well for the black and white one.

G3- Here lose due to not knowing this mu as well as I should from Lum’s end.  Lum can’t kd except for RtD.  So after I give up a sizable life lead, I get to the situation where I have to keep getting atk dmg in to counter Argagarg’s innate.  Argagarg turtles better than anybody.  This mix keeps me from being able to overcome losing so much life early on.

Three 3-1’s means that someone gets a bye, Targie it is and now lets do the time warp again.

Deja Vu 1– deluks917(Grave) 2-0
Hier is where deluks telling me Lum gives him problems comes back to help me.

G1- Face cards galore for me, getting a read with said face cards == let the beatings commence.

G2- More of G1’s faces but this time RtD lets me buyback and a blackjack helps me into the finals.

Deja Vu 2– Targie(Argie)2-1
Knowing that I will be up against a solid Argagarg/Round 4’s memory means that Lum is a bad choice.  Valerie’s inconsistencies make her a liability.  DeGrey’s a choice but I want to try out Scarbo’s theory of using a mirror match as an advantage.  I can play Arg and I’ve played the mirror enough to know how it goes, does Targie have that same experience?  Having a game to spare, I try it.

G1-  I may be trying this theory out but I still don’t like doing Argagarg mirrors, as it boils down to mindless bashing.  Getting my throws outsped for the first 1/2 of the game puts me at a disadvantage by the time I start getting in throws of my own.  But instead of being able to go for the kd to slow his innate, I have to play catch up in life while still losing life of my own.  Eventually lose to spikes.

G2-  Now comes the question, who do I use?  He has beaten my Lum/Argagarg and I know Valerie can do the job but having to win two games leaves me with being able to be counterpicked.  DeGrey does well against those who go for big hand so I go with him.
A hulk smash open (Q6J) by me drops him to 65, good way to start the game.  Was the most dmg I would do at once as we go into you poke me, I poke you back mode which benefits Argagarg more than DeGrey.  Some dodging later I magage to take it.

Starts similarly with my A turning his atks into punches to the face.  I get thrown around a few turns later trying to keep this up.  We get to low hp/hand sizes and I’m holding a 3,4,Q,A.   After scoring a Kd the turn before, I get a crossup with a 3.  Draw into a Joker that converts into AA.  I get down to 2 and he knows that I am holding 3 aces.  For me to live, I either hit for 8 or get a kd, he pokes into my AA and I take it.


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