Yomi Tournament 3/31

Today was the weekly Yomi tournament(thx CrystalChaos for keeping these going).
18 players were there, a large increase from previous weeks plus money prizes means that bringing the A game was a must.

Round 1 – AppleKing(Valerie) 2-1
Deja Vu of two weeks ago .

G’s 1&2 Were rather close, lots of back and forth hitting and draws were decent on both sides.

G3- 99866 open and all losses for AppleKing lead to him going to 25 life.  A few turns later, totals == 42-6 and a Q seals it.  Such is the story of Val, a few turns can bring opponents to 1/2 life and bad opens can lead to auto losses.

Round 2 – Raziek(Rook) 1-2
G1- Poke and prod the rock man back down to earth. Had to dance around his AA all game

G2- Is a fun game where I eat 5 special blocks including at the end when I asked “throw or block?” and he replied “block”, probably should have listened.

G3- My only early throw/blocks are 10’s, oh joy.  In this Mu, it’s not that big of a deal but it makes his J much better as it beats all normals.  This in mind, I end up losing to it due to it being faster than a bursted 4.

Round 3 – MrRedWhite(Lum) 1-2
Lum is a tough MU for Valerie for a few reasons.  Like in MtG, combo beats aggro and as the game progresses, Lum gets more cards then turns into combo mode with blackjacks/10 -> blackjack.  J/Q/A also pose problems as their speed keeps Valerie from mounting an offense.

G1- I see A’s, lots of A’s and have to get by a faster attack than most of mine or the more dangerous blackjack. At the end of the game, most of his faces/all A’s

G2- Manage to get by his aces and get a normal string in that leads to a hand full of beats. G3- Get poked out by his faces all day, get knocked down a lot, one 10, all lead to me == losing.

Round 4 – Capitalism (Setsuki) 2-0-1
G1- He runs out of jokers and I win via attrition

G2- Due to me failing basic math, I put him to 2hp and eventually settle for an
A vs A double KO.  For everyone reading, when you can do lethal dmg, ALWAYS do it, have made many games much closer/lost some due to not following this.  Conversely, if you have a Joker and your opponent can do lethal but it’ll take more than you think, use it, lost many a game do to not Jokering correctly.

G3- Being able to deal half of Setsuki’s HP in one combo is always satisfying.  Having Setsuki come back to put you to 26 is not.  Manage to burst throgh all the smokebombs to take it.

Round 5 – MadKing (Argagarg) 1-2

The other Michigander/King playing this tourney, winner should make T8 (ended up not being the case), on to the show.

G1 & G2– Aggro action on both sides, giving and taking 10+ on hits leads to quick games.  I get stuck on the wrong yomi level G1 and end up taking a bunch of throws to the face, eating away my ability to block into anything useful.

G3 – Ending hand 4466JJJKKKAA should tell everyone all they need to know on how the game went.  0 throws against Argagarg ftw.


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