Yomi Tournament 3/18

Today was the weekly Yomi tournament(thx CrystalChaos for keeping these going).
Only 8 players were there, figuring St Paddy’s day played a part in the lack of participants.   On to the report.

Round 1 – AppleKing(Valerie) 2-0
Valerie mirror match, yay. As with all mirror matches, it comes down to who draws better/transitions better.

G1- I play early blocks and end up using a sizeable card advantage ftw.

G2- We see more early blocks and back and forth beats. We end up trading jokers for 5 card comboes and the end game comes down to A beats/dodge into A beats.

Round 2 – DeevGrape (Argagarg) 2-1
The Argagarg Mu can be a pain sometimes, his speed is the same, pokes more damaging and he has Bubble Shield.

G1- Early game of poke/counterpoke late game of combos does the trick.

G2- I lose all throw on throw action and late game try getting too fancy instead of just going naked J/A which leads to losing to the KKK.

G3- An early hit confirmed J sets the tone, throwing 2 Bubble shields, blocking the atk attempt with BS, all lead to victory.

Round 3 – SIN1024 (Argagarg) 2-0
All the problems from last round go away and my throws are actually fast again. Constant pressure both games and solid drawing seal the deal.

T4 – Morn (Geiger/DeGrey) 2-1
The Geiger Mu comes down to neither side being able to generate a big hand due to thows/Geiger’s inate and if one player does get a big hand, can the other poke through the card advantage.

G1- An early throwing of an 8 was a nice start. Few turns later, get Q’d for one of my two blocks, so aggro is the way to go. Luckily I don’t see any A’s and only one K, so my speed takes it from there.

G2- Early game we trade dmg back and forth, eventually getting to 60-40 DeGrey. Here’s where it all goes downhill. I miss a couple reads into taking big dmg and a 7 seals my fate.

G3- T1, I throw. T1, He Pilebunkers -> K, well now that that’s out of the way, lets play some yomi. Not particularly fun starting the game at 2/3 hp but being able to shake a giant loss of life is crucial for winning (as the finals will show) After this, it becomes a game of cat and mouse with his A until his AA gets blocked and he goes into topdeck mode. Topdeck DeGrey is scary as his facecards tend to do 15+ dmg and his 7 likes winning combats. Eventually my A’s poke through what’s coming and a throw seals it.

Finals – DeevGrape (Grave/DeGrey) 2-0
G1 – The Mu that every Valerie player dreams of, 20ish dmg throws, a 0.0 speed dp, counters, hand spying and of course the ever so enjoyable TPoS. Early game we trade throws, the difference being mine were only throws, his had followups and I lost 1/4 of my hp by turn 5. A powerup for two A’s leads me to believe he has TPoS and I relax knowing that I’m holding a Joker. Two turns later he pokes my throw with a 3 and I stupidly deem the followup to be harmless. 48 dmg later, life totals at 60ish to 13, losing combat isn’t an option from hier on out. A 5 card combo brings some needed A’s to my hand but getting a throw poked by a fireball puts me to 3. Blocking is now out of the question, dodges becomes my best friend as it lets me counter his Q’s and deal 26 dmg with the A’s and a victory.

G2 – Not sure why the switch from Grave to DeGrey here, Grave’s Mu is better but I still dislike both. I get some early pokes in and manage to block most of his pressure. Manage to hit through his topdecks and take it.


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