Adon Beginners Guide for Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition

adon super street fighter 4 ae beginners guide


In Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition, Adon is a very strong character to main with his mobility and amazing normals.  I’m compiling all of the resources that I have learned how to use Adon from as a way to help beginners quickly and effectively pick up Adon.

For anybody just starting out with Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition, read this first.

Start Here - Adon Overview on Option Select

The shoryuken forums on Adon – with information/clarification on everything you could be wondering/not covered by the videos above.

How to Footsies Well – One of the things that makes Adon so strong is his footsies game, learn it and use it.

For advanced SSF4 ae players – An advanced guide with frame data, block strings, comboes, etc.

Character specific tips for Adon players.

Pro Adon player Gamerbee doing what he does best.

Jaguar Kick cross up set ups

ssf4 notes android appMy SSF4 ae notes app, designed to help you remember all those character specific combos/options/etc

Now, the Adon videos:

  1. The options select introduction to Adon.  Skip if you watched the video from the first Adon link in this page.
  2. A short video on advanced techniques for Adon.
  3. One of the more difficult things to do with Adon is instant air jaguar kicks, here is a beginners guide on what to do.
  4. Insightful commentary by TheoryFighter on the Gamerbee vs Infiltration finals at evo2012.

Words of wisdom:

  • Instant air jaguar kicks are different than ground jaguar kicks in that they can combo instead of break armor.
  • Jaguar Tooth is useful as a feint by using the light kick version to draw out dp’s and such.  Be careful though as many ults can punish a full screen jaguar tooth.
  • Ex Jaguar kick and  forward medium punch are both overheads.
  • Standing strong kick hits twice thus breaking focus attacks and any other attacks with armor.
  • Medium jaguar kicks hop over fireballs and hit opponents.
  • Ult 1 does the same thing and can hit most characters from a full screen away if done on reaction.
  • Know your spacing, whiffing a jaguar kick into a neutral jump means eating a free meaty combo.

If you have any other tips/words of wisdom for anybody else learning Adon or any questions, help everybody else out by leaving a comment below.

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